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Here's my card.
Just click on it to send me an email.

And please feel free to call.

I work from home so I'm available off and on throughout the day. Please keep in mind that I'm in New Jersey and that I have little kids so kindly call between 8AM and 8PM EST Monday thru Friday. If you're calling to inquire about Trading Assistant services it's best to either have your equipment handy so you can describe it to me or have a list prepared.

Feel free to leave a message on the machine with your area code and phone number and a good time to call. But I also recommend if I'm not available to answer the phone that you go ahead and email me with your questions, comments or list as well as leaving a message on the machine. This way I can contact you one way or another. Often I don't get a chance to make the calls I need to make during the day but can always find some time to send off an email or three (which I often wind up doing pretty late at night).


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