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Let me - frendakfurnari - Sell Your
Vintage, Collectible, or Modern
Photographic Equipment For You

A Professional Presentation, High Quality Photographs, and Accurate Descriptions from an Experienced and Trusted Seller will help assure your items sell for Fair Market Value.

Whether you're new to eBay, unfamiliar with the selling process, or just can't find the time, you can still have your items sell on eBay through me,
frendakfurnari - as your Trading Assistant.

There are significant advantages to utilizing the services of an experienced seller who specializes in one area.
  • I will provide an accurate assessment of your equipment's condition and value to you and also to the people bidding on your items in the auctions.
  • I will list your items in the most appropriate categories, and appropriately titled, so that the right people, bidders who are looking for your items, see them.
  • I will cross-promote similar items so that bidders are aware of what other items of yours might be available. In the case of larger groups or collections I will cross-promote over the course of several weeks to let bidders know that more of your items, that may be of interest to them, will be made available in upcoming auctions.
  • I sell internationally so your items will be available to the greatest number of potential bidders.
Because I've established an excellent reputation as a seller on eBay, you are virtually assured that your item will sell for what it should - Fair Market Value.


If you haven't already please take a look at one or more of my weekly auctions. Visit my eBay Store. View my feedback. Compare the prices my auctions realize vs. the prices realized for other similar items on eBay by other sellers. I think you'll see that I consistently realize prices at or near the top of the dial. There are a lot of bargain hunters on eBay for sure. But there are also a lot of people just trying to find something specific and who appreciate the value of paying a few extra dollars to buy from a trustworthy and knowledgeable seller.

In the following pages I've tried to provide a clear picture of how I go about things so you know just what to expect from the Trading Assistant process. And I've tried to anticipate any questions you might have regarding the process. I think it's best to be thorough now and avoid misunderstandings later. It works for my auction listings. The people who take the few minutes to read through my listing policies always have a trouble-free transaction. Please take the few minutes necessary to read about my methods and policies before contacting me and I promise this process will be as smooth and trouble-free for both you and me as my auctions.

To confirm my status as a Registered Trading Assistant click on the link at the top right corner of this page or on any one of my auction pages.

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