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There is a Minimum Item or Combined Items Value that I'm willing to accept - $300 (Fair Market Value) for a single item and $500 (FMV) for multiple items. The amount of work involved on my end makes it an unrealistic proposition for me to accept items of lesser value.

If you don't know the value of your item or items doing a "Completed Search" on eBay is a great place to start. Common items will be easy to research this way and you'll be able to fairly well assess the value of your items based on similar items found in a "Completed Search". Less common items are more difficult to assess this way. When an item is not often seen on eBay it may be harder to find something suitable to compare your item to. If you're having trouble determining the value of your item or items contact me.


Fees or Commissions are negotiable but generally vary from 20-25% of the Final Bid Price depending on the value of the items. For items valued at $300 - $1000 (FMV) the commission is 25%. Items valued at over $1000 (FMV) will have a 20% commission.

I will assume all costs associated with eBay or Paypal or any other fees that might be incurred as the seller (except for Reserve and Featured Item Fees - see below). Please appreciate that fees associated with eBay and Paypal can amount to as much as and sometimes more than 5% of the Final Bid Price. So in reality my fee/commission will fall somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-22% There are no hidden charges to you. You will receive a check for 75-80% of the sum of your items' Final Bid Price. It's that simple.

If you're new to eBay, or have low or negative feedback consider that the prices you realize on eBay may only be 75-80% of what I might bring, and perhaps less. And don't forget that eBay and Paypal fees can amount to 5% of the Final Bid Price or more. Let me sell it for you and you may very well get the same amount had you listed it yourself - without any of the fuss.

If you sell your items on consignment in a camera store you will be charged 20% or more to have your items on a shelf with no promise of a sale anytime soon. To sell directly to a reputable dealer will usually get you 50-70% of retail (FMV) depending on the desirability of the items. I'm offering 75-80% and once the auction begins you know that you'll be receiving a check in just a few weeks.

There are instances when the process may take longer.

  • Some buyers use Paypal which is fast. Others send checks or money orders. These take a little longer. When an item is purchased by an international user the process usually takes a few extra days as well. And unfortunately some people never follow through with payment at all and the item has to be relisted.
  • If your item fails to sell because the Reserve Price was not met, or there were no bids in an auction that began with a higher start price, the process will be extended by at least one week.

I will keep you informed of the payment status of your items.

Auction methods are detailed in the next section, "Your Auctions". But with regards to Fees there are two eBay Listing Fees that are not covered by my Trading Assistant services. They are:

  • Reserve Fees: I don't think Reserve Price auctions generate the same kind of interest as Non-Reserve auctions. In fact, since eBay instituted their substantial new fees for Reserve listings, I haven't listed an item with a Reserve. If you insist on a Reserve I will accommodate you and you will incur this additional expense. If your item fails to make Reserve after its initial listing and a Re-listing (two weeks or two 7 day auction periods) it will be Relisted another way.
  • Featured Item Fees: Through personal experience and considerable observation I've come to the conclusion that "Featuring" an item does not consistently provoke more bidding activity or raise Final Bid Prices as compared to similar items found in the regular "non-featured" listings. Again, if you insist on "Featuring" your item I will accommodate you and you will incur this additional expense.

To see all of eBay's Fees, including Reserve and Featured Item Fees click Here.
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