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The question I'm most frequently asked regarding the Trading Assistant process is about trust. EBay is a thriving worldwide community built on trust. And yet everyone who's been on eBay for a little while has at least one horror story to tell - poorly described or intentionally misrepresented items, bait and switch tactics, ridiculously slow shipping or no item received at all. Not my buyers. I give honest, accurate descriptions and provide attractive yet representative photographs. I ship immediately upon payment and accept returns without question. I never sell "As Is". I sometimes sell "As Is and As Described" meaning that if I've erred in the description I'll take it back. Please look at my listings and my listing policies. Compare them to others and decide for yourself.

Despite that the Trading Assistant process falls slightly outside normal eBay trust issues. You don't know me. I may live far away (I'm in New Jersey) and I'm asking you to send your items to me. That's a bit of a leap of faith for you, I realize. And there's no definitive answer. All I can say is read this through, check out my listings, policies, feedback etc. and please feel free to call. (A phone call will put you more at ease than an email I'm sure. In fact I've spoken on the phone at least once with every individual who has utilized my Trading Assistant services.) This is a fairly new endeavor for me. I'm working on having a page of testimonials that you can link to. In the meantime I can provide you directly with former Trading Assistant customer references from other eBay members and from individuals outside the eBay community, if you like.

As your Trading Assistant I promise to conduct your auctions as if they were my own and to handle our relationship and all communication in a pleasant and professional manner.


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