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Before reviewing the terms of agreement here's a short list of a few other things you should know.


Note that in the "Terms of Agreement" below I do charge a fee if you decide to cancel an auction once it is underway. This is to cover my time and expenses incurred (for example listing fees on eBay are not refundable).

I WILL NOT CANCEL YOUR AUCTION WITH LESS THAN 24 HOURS REMAINING. If you're getting cold feet and don't like the way the bidding is going you have to make that decision well before the final day. If you decide with 28 Hours left understand that I may not see your email until only 10 hours are left and it's much too late by then. My advice is to contact me within 48 Hours of the Closing Time to be sure there is ample time for me to end your listing.

On eBay experienced users know that most of the bidding takes place in the last 24 Hours and until the final seconds you don't know just what will happen. If you're not familiar with the process or are not comfortable with it don't ask me to list your items with a low starting bid and no reserve. There are other ways.


If it is determined by me that in some way you or parties related to you have manipulated or are attempting to manipulate the auction in any way I will promptly cancel all of your auctions and report you and any third parties to eBay. This is certainly a difficult thing for me to prove. But the folks at eBay take it very seriously and have a team of people who look into shill bidding and other illicit activities.

If my accusations are proven false I will either promptly relist your items for you and incur any additional listing fees myself or I will promptly mail your items back to you at my expense.

If however the team at eBay confirms my accusations I will levy a fine against you as outlined in the "Terms of Agreement" and will hold your items until the fine and cost of shipping your items back to you are paid in full.

If your actions endanger my position as a trusted seller on eBay, or in any way impedes my ability to utilize eBay 's auction service as a source of income I will pursue the matter to fullest extent that the law will allow.


I'm sure some of this may sound a bit harsh. But I have no intention of allowing anyone, via shill bidding or any other method to tarnish the reputation I've worked hard to maintain on eBay or worse, to seriously jeopardize my good standing with eBay and elsewhere or to jeopardize my relationship with eBay as a source of income. I'm sure you understand.

And hopefully no one will see it as unjust that I will seek compensation for my time should someone at the last minute decide they no longer want to sell their item or items. By then nearly all of the work is done for me except for possibly answering some emails and shipping the item or items.

I will make every effort to faithfully represent your items to the eBay community to help ensure they sell for Fair Market Value. As your Trading Assistant I promise to conduct your auctions as if they were my own and present your items in a professional manner with a professional presentation, accurate and thorough descriptions and attractive yet representative high quality photographs. And I promise to handle our relationship and all communication in a courteous and professional manner.

Here are the terms of agreement. A copy of these terms will be emailed to you and you are required to print a copy, sign and date it and include the signed copy with your items when you ship them to me. I will not list your items without a signed copy.

If you've chosen to have your items listed using more than one method of auction you must print a copy for each selected method, check the appropriate box and list the items specific to each method on their respective copy. You must sign, date and include all copies when shipping your items. Again, I will not list your items without a signed copy or copies. This will avoid any items being listed other than in the manner you specifically request.


T E R M S   O F   A G R E E M E N T

I have read and understand Robert Furnari's, (ebay user-name "frendakfurnari") Trading Assistant Information Page.

I have agreed to allow Robert Furnari/frendakfurnari to act as Trading Assistant on my behalf using the online auction service as a forum for selling the items listed below.

The items listed below are in my sole legal possession or I am an agent of the owner/s with full authorization to initiate the sale of the listed items.

A service fee of 20 % of the Final Auction Price of all items valued at $1000 or greater, and 25% of the Final Auction Price of all items valued from $0 - $999, has been agreed upon.

The listing procedure for the items listed below has been agreed upon as follows:
(You must check ONLY ONE of the following as your choice.)

____All auctions will commence at a starting price that represents the minimum I, as the seller, am willing to accept for the items.

____All auctions will commence at a low starting price and sell without Reserve. I understand and am willing to accept the risks associated with this Auction method and will not hold Robert Furnari/frendakfurnari liable for the final outcome.

____All auctions will be listed with a Reserve Price that represents the minimum I, as the Seller, am willing to accept for the items. I understand that should my items fail to meet their Reserve Price I will be assessed the cost of the Reserve Fees. I further agree that should the Reserve Price not be met for two successive auction periods I authorize Robert Furnari/frendakfurnari to re-list the items with a Starting Price that is lower than my initial Reserve Price and sell them without Reserve.

I further agree not to interfere with the course of the auction in any way, or to violate any of the rules of that have been previously agreed upon when I registered with If it is determined that I have interfered with the auction either directly or indirectly through a third party or parties, I understand that Robert Furnari/frendakfurnari will cancel the auction/s and report me and any third parties to eBay.

It is further understood by me that any confirmed violation of eBay rules with regards to the auctions of the items listed below that results in a cancellation of one or more of those auctions will subject me to a fine of $75 per auction listing. It is understood that this fine, plus any Reserve or Featured Item Fees if applicable, plus the actual cost of return shipping, must be paid in full to Robert Furnari/frendakfurnari before my items are returned to me. If this fine is not paid in full to Robert Furnari/frendakfurnari within 120 days of the cancellation date/s of the auctions in question I agree to forfeit ownership of said items to Robert Furnari/frendakfurnari.

It is also understood that should I decide to cancel an auction or auctions once underway I agree to pay Robert Furnari/frendakfurnari a sum of $40 per auction listing, plus any Reserve or Featured Item Fees if applicable, plus the actual cost of return shipping before my items will be returned to me.


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